Welcome to A Summer's Tale! 

A Summer's Tale invites you to take part in an event with selected cultural, active, and creative programs accompanied by renowned local and international artists of all genres in between deep forests, earthy moors, and airy birch groves. A Summer's Tale strives to be much more than just an ordinary open air festival. The idea is to create a world of its own, where you can immerse yourself and experience your own spectacular and memorable summer’s tale. A Summer's Tale therefore offers all visitors a diverse program, plenty of space surrounded by beautiful nature, and a carefully selected range of culinary specialties for every taste bud. Here, the visitors are able to see genre boundaries dissolve in order to experience personalized joy and comfort.


International bands and artists will perform on the main large concert stage and ensure successful festival happenings. 

The ZeltRaum (tent room) is the most diverse of all stages. It offers concerts, performances, cinema screenings and some other specials during the day.


Under an array of proud oaks providing some cool shade, you can experience various performances on the Waldbühne (forest stage). Whether comedy, singer / songwriter concerts or DJ sets - it's definitely worth it to stay here and enjoy a refreshing drink or two.


The Grüner Salon (green saloon) provides an intimate atmosphere, which is perfect for all the readings taking place here. Here, you can sit on the grass, listen to the authors, and let your thoughts run free. In the evenings it hosts dancing lessons. 


The LuheDeck is like a little oasis. It is a bit secluded and is located on a green meadow providing a wonderful view of the river. You can find plenty of space and tranquility for the workshops and yoga program taking place here.


In our The Tale's Café you will not only get really good coffee and fresh pastries! On all days of the festival, bright minds will present their ideas and projects in the series "Perspectives & Portraits".

You can go on an expedition in our new Wissenszelt. There are so many things, you always wanted to know about.

Your taste and mind will get inspired at our new Probiererei. Your taste buds will flourish during our workshops here!


... and whoever wants to let their creativity run wild, will be well advised to visit the festival's atelier. Regular workshops for adults and children will take place here, as well as numerous other activities!


Parking Lot Visitors
Th, 01.08.2019, 10:00h – Mo, 05.08.2019, 12:00h

Bicycle Parking Lot Visitors
Th, 01.08.2019, 10:00h – Mo, 05.08.2019, 12:00h

Ticket Exchange and Box Office 
Th, 01.08.2019, 11:00 - 23:00h
Fr, 02.08.2019, 09:30 - 23:00h
Sa, 03.08.2019, 09:30 - 23:00h
Su, 04.08.2019, 09:30 - 21:00h

Campground & Campground Caravan
Th, 01.08.2019, 11:00h – Mo, 05.08.2019, 12:00h

Event Site
Th, 01.08.2019, 14:00 - 03:00h
Fr, 02.08.2019, 10:00 - 04:00h
Sa, 03.08.2019, 10:00 - 04:00h
Su, 04.08.2019, 10:00 - 01:00h

Info Point
Th, 01.08.2019, 11:00 - 23:00h
Fr, 02.08.2019, 09:00 - 23:00h
Sa, 03.08.2019, 09:00 - 23:00h
Su, 04.08.2019, 09:00 - 23:00h
Mo, 05.08.2019, 08:00 - 12:00h


A Summer's Tale takes place in the midst of the nature reserve Lüneburger Heide (Lüneburg Heath). It is not only because of our love of environmental issues that we have the ambition to make the least imprint on the surroundings. The more visitors have the same goal, the greener A Summer's Tale will be. In addition to the green efforts that are already included in our festival planning, the following aspects are particularly important to us:

Wir möchten all unsere Gäste nachdrücklich auffordern, mitgebrachte Lebensmittel, die keinen Gebrauch gefunden haben, nicht einfach zurückzulassen. Essen gehört nicht in den Müll! Wir bitten Euch darum: Teilt übrig gebliebene Lebensmittel mit anderen. Dafür haben wir das Foodsharing-Zelt vor Ort eingerichtet. Ehrenamtliche von Foodsharing e.V. nehmen dort übrige Lebensmittel an und klären über Lebensmittelverschwendung auf. Lasst da, was Ihr nicht mehr benötigt und nehmt mit, was Ihr gebrauchen könnt. Alles was am Ende des Festivals übrig bleibt, wird an die St. Johannis Kirche in Salzhausen gespendet. 


Most of our offered electricity that we are using on-site, is green electricity and made of 100% regenerative energy carriers. 


We would be happy, if you leave your car at home for protecting the environment and keeping the traffic situation around Luhmühlen relaxed. Furthermore, you will save money, co2 and protect the surrounding areas. Feel free to use our offer for cost-free arrival and department with our bus shuttle from Lüneburg station to the festival area.

We ask and even urge all of our guests to not throw away or leave the sealed food they brought along to the festival behind - food does not belong in the trash! We ask you to please exchange your cans or similar food with others if you have left over cans that are closed. For this reason we have launched the Food Sharing Project at the info point. Here you can leave all packed and still sealed food left overs and take something new from what others have already left there!


Trash Collection

With A Summer's Tale we want to realize a festival where the topic of waste management is taken up responsibly by all guests and participants. It is a matter of course for us to respect nature at the festival site and the environment surrounding it. What this specifically means to us and should for everybody participating is:

We offer high quality food, mostly from regional and local suppliers, and in part organic products, as well as a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. We will not entirely abstain from offering meat, but will make sure that a large part of it is supplied from that same region and is organic.

With A Summer's Tale we want to realize a festival where the topic of waste management is taken up responsibly by all guests and participants. It is a matter of course for us to respect nature at the festival site and the environment surrounding it. What this specifically means to us and should for everybody participating is:

  • Use the waste containers / trash cans provided and actively keep the entire area clean.
  • Take all your things back home after the festival ends! This is particularly necessary for re-usable tents, gazebos, chairs, etc. If an object or similar is defective, please dispose of them in the containers provided by us.
  • Please do not use disposable plastic cutlery! It breaks easily, and if it remains in the meadows it is difficult to get it out of there again. This is also the reason that all caterers are not allowed to use disposable plastic cutlery.
  • The same problem exists with the use of glass. In this case, your own safety is also at stake. That’s why glass is prohibited in any form. More information on this can also be found in the festival rules.
  • Basically, please only take what you really need with you. This protects us and nature from piles of garbage and you from serious heavy carrying.
  • Help us to separate the waste at the festival site and after. There will be more information soon!

Cup deposit

At all food stands on the entire A Summer's Tale area there is a cup deposit when buying drinks. This ensures that the cups are properly recycled and not carelessly discarded. However, the cups can also be donated to Viva con Agua.

Environmental certificates

All companies that have been hired for site cleaning confirm their compliance with using only detergents which have been approved with European eco-labels. Also, the detergents used in the shower containers and in the portable toilets are certified with the "Blauer Engel" (Blue Angel).

Ideas and suggestions

If you have ideas, comments or feedback to promote sustainable behavior on A Summer's Tale, communicate it to us in an e-mail to



Das gewerbliche Sammeln von Wertstoffen (insbesondere Pfandflaschen, Metalle) auf dem Festgelände zum Zwecke der eigenen Vermarktung der Wertstoffe ist nur mit vorheriger, schriftlicher Zustimmung des Konzertveranstalters erlaubt. Jeder Verstoß gegen das Verbot der gewerblichen Sammlung kann mit dem sofortigen Verweis vom Festivalgelände geahndet werden. Akzeptiert werden die in Art und Umfang festivalbesucherüblichen Mengen. 


The Police and the security staff will try their best to prevent and avoid crime at the festival side. Unfortunately we can’t ensure complete safety. Please take care of your possessions!

  • lock a your vehicles, do not leave valuables inside
  • only bring what you can afford to lose
  • mark your property and your tent with your name and your address.
  • when you leave your tent take any valuables with you. Leave your tent untidy so there is not an obvious bag to be quickly grabbed
  • be inventive about where you hide your valuables when sleeping
  • don't keep all your cash and valuables together in one place
  • report to stewards or police if you notice people lingering between the tents suspiciously

If you miss something contact the Lost & Found at first. Maybe the missing item has already been found and brought there. Contact the police if you become the victim of a crime. Please report any crime to the police. 

Collecting recycables

The commercial collection of recyclable material (cans, metal, others) is strictly forbidden without the written permission of FKP Scorpio. Every violation of this domestic authority can lead to a festival exclusion. The collection of recyclable materials in an customary amount is not forbidden. 


Selling and consuming drugs is forbidden in the whole festival area. Inform the festival staff and the police if you see people selling drugs. German law applies to camping and festival ground. 

Crowd surfing

Crowd surfing is prohibited! In the last years many surfers and normal festival spectators were seriously injured. Crowd surfers will get a first warning.

If you continue with crowd surfing, you will get a yellow card and be banned from the festival site for 24 hours. After 24 hours you can exchange the yellow card for a new wristband and return to the festival site. You may also get a yellow card for bad behaviour and / or endangering other festival visitors by climbing on technical constructions or pulling down fences. 


Every visitor is liable for any damage he causes. Please comply with the German Law For The Protection Of The Youth.

Take care of your festival wristband. We will not replace anything lost. 


Nazis are not welcome! Racist, homophobic and other harassments are getting punished immediately and cause a dismissial from the festival. Every kind of forbidden symbols right-facing symbols are completely prohibited as well.


Festival adress:

Eventpark Luhmühlen
Westergellerser Heide 1
21394 Westergellersen 

There is a free of charge bus shuttle from Lueneburg station to the festival site. Please take care of the environment and make use of this service. 

For those arriving by car, we will charge a parking fee. To reduce the environmental impact of the festival we encourage you to travel by public transport.

Parking space for bicycles

Anyone who wants to travel by bicycle is more than welcome to do so. Our Bike accommodations / racks will provide for safety around the clock and for free, while you are enjoying the festival. Depending on your needs you can make use of this offer over the entire duration or just for a day of A Summer’s Tale. The exact location will be published on the festival site map!


Children are very welcome at A Summer's Tale, and there will be some program choices that are tailored specifically to a young audience or are a highlight for the entire family. More details on these family friendly attractions can be found in the festival program.

The ticket fee for children applies to the ages from 6 to 14 years and children need to be accompanied by their parents. Children up to 5 years of age can enter free of charge to A Summer's Tale with their parents and do not have to be registered.

PARENTS INFO FOR the children'S area - Frequently Asked Questions:

All parents should read the following information about our children's area in the festival’s atelier carefully. For further information on the children’s playground, please check the programme area.


The children's area is used at your own risk. The organizers of A Summer’s Tale Festival and the play and workshop instructors won’t accept any liability for damages of any kind, provided that they have not acted deliberately or are culpable of impairing life, limb, and health.

We can assume no liability for self-inflicted injuries, contaminated or damaged clothing, as well as for lost items.

What is the recommended age for the offers?

The children's area program is aimed at kids from 6 - 14 years. Children under 6 years can participate in rollicking around, crafting and games, if accompanied by their parents.



In general, we are happy when parents decide to play together with their children at these areas. If parents should decide to leave their child / children at these areas at their sole discretion, if the child / children are 6 years old and older, they should remember that the children's area is not a specifically fenced area. As a result, we cannot assume any responsibility if children decide to leave the children's area (without our knowing).


No, we do not take care of small children up to 5 years, without their parents! But we offer parents and young children a space, where they can make themselves comfortable together. Games, books, etc. are also available for the little ones!

Festival bracelets for children

This year, we offer festival bracelets for all children aged 0 to 14 years free of charge. You can write down the mobile number of the corresponding parent on it. It will be possible to contact the corresponding parents in no time (if the need arises). The bracelet is available free of charge at the cashier / entry tent or at the Infopoint.

We highly recommend each parent to make use of this offer! 


No, we do not have any announcement / page options. Please make sure that your children will find you (your campground), and keep the agreed pick up times in mind. We also highly recommend that you take our offer of the festival bracelet for your children!!!


It is not allowed to bring alcohol or cigarettes into the children’s area or any other kind of drugs! Please respect this!

ATTENTION: Please think of sound protector ear muffs for your little ones! We do not rent them! However, you can purchase a set of sound protectors at the Infopoint (as long as supplies last).


Youth participation in the festival is determined by the parents taking into account the Youth Protection Act and the care and custody law. According to the German Civil Code (BGB), parents have the duty and the right to provide for the safety of their minor child (under 18 years). Ultimately, the parents need to decide on the arrival and departure of the festival of their child.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by either their legal guardian who holds the custody and care or have a written permission of their legal guardian ("party note" - DOWNLOAD FORM), a copy of the identity card of the legal guardian, and be in the company of an adult responsible of the child on the festival grounds.

Young people between 16 and 18 years are only allowed on the festival grounds after 24:00 o’clock with a written permission of their legal guardian ("party note" DOWNLOAD FORM). It is required to have a written per-mission and the copy of the identity card of the legal guardian.

Restrictions apply on the disbursement and consumption of alcoholic beverages and for the dis-bursement of tobacco products and smoking. If drunk or smoking children and young people are found during a youth protection control, there is a possibility that they will be sent home under certain circumstances.


Watch out for yourselves! And remember: Noise protection, sunscreen, weatherproof clothing, and don’t forget to drink enough water! Remember, if you dance a lot will need a lot of (non-alcoholic) fluids, especially in summer temperatures. During the entire festival, there will be paramedics ready to take action in case of medical emergency. If something should arise, you will find help in the Sani-tent.

Achtet auf Euch! Denkt an: Lärmschutz, Sonnenschutz (Sonnecreme sowie ein Sonnenhut und leichte Bekleidung, die die Haut bedeckt), wetterfeste Kleidung, festes Schuhwerk und ans Trinken! Wer aktiv ist und viel tanzt, braucht besonders bei sommerlichen Temperaturen auch viel (unalkoholische) Flüssigkeit. 

Während des gesamten Festivals stehen Euch die Sanitäter bei gesundheitlichen Problemen zur Verfügung. Ohrstöpsel könnt Ihr am Infopoint kaufen.


Ohrenstöpsel könnt ihr vor Ort bei unserem Partner ALPINE ( und an unserem Info Point kaufen.


Das Festivalgelände ist sehr groß. Wir geben unser Bestes, jeden Quadratmeter so sicher wie möglich zu gestalten, sowie jede mögliche scharfe Kante umgehend zu beheben. Es ist jedoch nicht auszuschließen, dass an diversen Stellen, trotz aller Bemühungen, mögliche Stolperkanten oder die eine oder andere Schnittgefahr auftauchen. Deshalb bitten wir Euch, das Festivalgelände mit entsprechendem Schuhwerk, entsprechender Kleidung und mit der nötigen Vorsicht zu betreten. Bitte meldet uns etwaige Gefahren, damit wir diese beseitigen können.

medizinischer Notfall

Ruft 112  bzw. bittet andere den Notruf abzusetzen, oder geht zur nächstgelegenen Ordnerposition.
Wenn es sich um einen medizinischen Notfall handelt, werden die Sanitäter auf dem Festival parallel alarmiert. Bereite Dich auf folgende Fragen vor:

o Wo befindet sich der Patient?
o Was ist geschehen?
o Wie viele Verletzte?
o Welche Verletzungen?
o Wer meldet (Name reicht – die Nummer bekommt die 112 automatisch und kann nicht unterdrückt werden!)
o Warten auf Rückfragen!

Danach könnt Ihr selbst viel unternehmen – auch ohne Erste Hilfe Diplom!
1. Eigene Sicherheit beachten: Achtet erst auf Eure eigene Sicherheit, bevor Ihr anderen helft. Falls keine Gefahr für Euch besteht beginnt Erste Hilfe zu leisten. Beruhigen – betreuen. Verletzte haben in der Regel Angst und brauchen die Gewissheit, dass Hilfe auf dem Weg ist.
2. Bittet weitere Personen, den Rettungsdienst einzuweisen – ein Krankenwagen oder Team von Sanitätern ist zu Fuß zu Euch unterwegs.
3. Einen Sichtschutz herstellen, so dass sich der Verletzte nicht von Fremden beobachtet fühlt. Das ist für viele Verletzte ein wichtiges Thema. 
Solltet Ihr gewisse Grundkenntnisse der Medizinischen Notfallversorgung haben, könnt Ihr mit diesen Schemen eine Menge erreichen:


We want to enable everyone who loves music to visit the festival. Therefore, we put great effort into making the event as relaxed as possible, also for handicapped people. Each year we think about how we can make our festival as accessible as possible to the disabled. That is not always easy, since the festival is located on grass in the open air, and many paths and areas are not asphalted or paved. We are grateful for any comments to


We provide some space on the caravan camping ground for guests with a handicapped ID who wish to camp in or beside their car. This caravan area is the only possibility to sleep beside your car. The area is located up to 700m from the festival grounds. The caravan campsite has a disabled-access WC container (with simple shower facilities). 
For this area, a camper van badge is required. You will receive the badge on-site if you have completed the form at the bottom of this page in advance and have received confirmation from us.
If you wish to use the normal camping area or the comfort camping area, we ask you to tick the relevant box in the registration form. We will then reserve a nearby parking space for you, for which you will receive parking permission upon arrival.
If you require constant assistance you may bring along one (1!) person free of charge. Every further companion requires a valid festival ticket.
Please note that we can only check in companions that arrive together with the disabled person, and we can only validate the original tickets at the same time. It is not possible to register a companion or assistant subsequently on site.


choose a file

Please prove that you are human.

wheelchair platform

There is a wheelchair platform right next to the main concert stage. 

Mobile Information service

We offer a mobile information service for disabled people. When you collect your pass we will give you a telephone number, which you are welcome to use if you require information or help during the festival and the info-point is too far away. Our special team for handicapped people will take care of your concerns as quickly as possible, subject to capacity.

power for electric wheelchairs

For those of you with an electric wheelchair, we offer the possibility to charge it at the first-aid tents. 

medication at the festival

If you bring medication to the festival: medical proof of its necessity ensures that you may bring it onto the grounds. For medication that requires refrigeration, there is the possibility to hand it to members of the ambulance service in the first-aid tents. 


We are also happy to give day guests/visitors without camping the opportunity to park in the immediate vicinity of the grounds. Prior registration is necessary. 

contact / queries

You are welcome to send any questions / comments to us at We can be reached by telephone on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at: 01806- 853 653 (0.20 € per call from fixed lines, mobile charges max. 0.60 € per call).


Buggys, handcarts et cetera are allowed at the festival area, when you need them to let your kids have a good time carry the stuff around, that you might need for them (like baby bottles, extra clothes, cuddly toys…). You are not allowed to transport items, which are forbidden in general (see below). Please make sure that your buggys are not standing in the way of other visitors. 

Certain things should not be brought onto the camp site. In most cases these restrictions are very common sense, but we explain some of them nonetheless in short:

The following items are prohibited at the campsite

  • Glass containers in any form! Glass endangers your own safety and that of your fellow beings and is – the shards that is - extremely difficult to clean up from the festival site and from the meadows.
  • Disposable barbecues. The environment would be very grateful, if you just opt out of using these ineffective aluminum barbecues and help eliminate excessive waste. And anyway, barbecuing is much better using the real thing.
  • Liquid charcoal lighters, fireworks and everything else that could cause involuntary fires. Open fires are of course also forbidden
  • Bulky waste or home furnishings, for example sofas and refrigerators. In our experience, these items seem to remain behind on the camp site once the festival is over, so please don’t even bring them along
  • Power generators, generators, car batteries also do not belong to a camp site
  • Stereos, megaphones, and everything else that will annoy your neighbors. Respect your neighborhood
  • Any type of domestic animals and livestock. A festival is simply not an appropriate place for your animal friends
  • Laser pointers, since they represent a danger to your fellow man.
  • Dry ice, as it also increases the risk of injury unnecessarily.
  • Weapons of any kind should not be near a peaceful festival.
  • Everything which is prohibited by law has of course no place with us.

Some things can be taken along to the camp site, but you need to adhere to certain rules while using them

  • We offer high quality and versatile culinary delights that should fulfill most cravings. We will also have a small own festival supermarket with selected products. In other words, we certainly made sure to take care of your cravings! Of course you can also bring your own food. It is also allowed to bring along one palette of beer (24 x 0.5l cans) per adult camper or three liters of any other alcoholic beverages (no glass containers!).
  • It is also prohibited to bring along professional photo and video equipment (unless you have an accreditation). However, taking pictures with cell phones and compact cameras for private use is possible.



Eventpark Luhmühlen
Westergellerser Heide 1
21394 Westergellersen 

Directions will be provided shortly.


Eventpark Luhmühlen
Westergellerser Heide
21394 Westergellersen 

Eine Anfahrtsbeschreibung findet Ihr unter "An- und Abreise".

Along the site of A Summer's Tale flows the river Luhe, on which you can partake in canoe tours during the festival. Unfortunately, swimming is not possible on the Luhe. But the outdoor pools nearby can be used to refresh yourself on hot days.

Bank and ATMs

More news will be provided shortly.

Bus shuttle

During the festival, a shuttle bus will be commuting between the Lueneburg train station and the festival grounds in Luhmuehlen. 

Shopping & supplies

On our festival you can get fresh, high quality food, drinks and goods for your daily needs. Should you need more, you can go to Salzhausen and find more options (supermarket, pharmacy, gas stations, etc.).


To keep track of the entire festival program at any time and not get lost on the wide premises, you can download the program and further information free of charge with the A Summer's Tale app for iOS and Android smartphones. 

Um jederzeit einen Überblick über das vielseitige Festivalprogramm zu behalten und auf dem weitläufigen Gelände nicht verloren zu gehen, könnt Ihr mit der A Summer’s Tale-App für iOS und Android-Smartphones das Programm und weitere Infos kostenfrei herunterladen.

Lost and found

If you lose something during the festival, please go to the info point and report your loss. We will publish more information on where you can pick up your things after the festival.

Info Point

The info point at the festival site will help you as best as possible with all questions and problems you might have. Here you can also buy our program books and earplugs.


Our Festival Post makes it possible to send greetings to your loved ones. Here you can get your postcards that you can send away at the affordable price of EUR 1 (postcard + postage).


The SafeBOXes by BigBoxBerlin are the festival locker and charging station in one! The sea containers with their lockers in three sizes can be found directly at the entrance to the concert area (infield). 
The lockers offer enough space for valuables, jackets, bags, backpacks or electronic devices. During the opening-hours you have access to your locker how oftwn you want and you can also charge your mobile phone.  

Go to  and order a festival locker for A Summer’s Tale 2019!

Your advantages:

  • Safety first! Secure storage of your valuables in the 7 ton steel safe!
  • Give me more energy! There is a socket in each locker.
  • The size makes the difference! Choose between three locker sizes that are right for you!
  • No worries! The contents of each locker is insured with up to 500 EUR!

Location and opening hours:
01.08.19, 11 a.m. until 1:30 a.m., 02.08.19 - 04.08.19, 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 a.m. and 05.08.19, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

The SafeBOXes can be found directly at the entrance to the concert area (infield).

Of course there are also tickets for the entire period or for individual days on site. However, as the capacity is limited, it is advisable to make an early online reservation.

Rental stations – activity equipment

During the festival we offer the opportunity to rent equipment for active leisure free of charge at specific rental stations at the festival site. More information will be published soon! For excursion outside the site you can also rent canoes or bicycles at the specific rental stations. 


On the festival site you can get drinking water from specific sites with water taps.


Unfortunately, there is not fair-weather guaranty in August for North Germany; so please pack weather-proof clothing and camping equipment along. In case of severe rain or thunderstorms, we may need to interrupt the program and ask you to go to your tents or cars for your own safety. We hope you understand and observe our safety regulations on site.

Workshop registration

Some workshops are only feasible with a limited number of participants. For these workshops it is necessary that you sign up in advance via our website. The can find further information about the registration in the program area for each workshop. Of course you can also participate spontaneously, if there are still places available.

You can order our festival shirts by e-mail to Please let us know which item you would like to have and in which size. We also need you invoice and delivery adress. Prepayment is required for every order.


A festival site is not an area without laws. The festival has been planned in a mutual effort with the proper authorities and is monitored day and night by the police, the fire brigade and the medical services. In addition we have hundreds of guards and stewards on duty in order to make the festival a safe place and to guarantee that everyone of you can have fun. 
Emergencies can be reported anytime under 112 (please note: anonymous calls can not be accepted) or to any of the guards on duty. You will find guards at the entrances to the camping grounds and to the festival site.  Please do not hesitate to inform the authorities if you discover something strange even though you are not sure if this is actually an emergency. 

Please look after each other and assist those who need help. Our guards, the medical servic staff, the fire brigade and the police will help you. Please do not hesitate to talk to them. 

Risk of stumbling and sharp edges

We do our best to make every square meter of the huge festival area as safe as posssible and to get rid of every possible sharp edge. However it can not be excluded that even though we take the most care in avoiding risks of stumbling and sharp edges we can not find all of them. Therefore we request you to wear appropriate shoes and clothing and to proceed with the necesarry care when entering the festival grounds.  If you find any dangers, please report them so we can eliminate them.

Weather and storm

One forgets many times to drink enough water when it is hot. This can lead to dehydration, headaches, dizziness and can even cause loss of conciousness. However you can prevent this very easyly by drinking enough water (before you start your day and along the way)! You will find drinking water free of charge at the water stations at the infield and the shower camps. Also please use sun lotion, wear a hat and light clothing that covers your skin to avoid painful sun burn. By the way: Sharing sun lotion gets you new friends.

Rubber boots and rain ponchos are practical things on the field. If you should operate things with electrical power on the camping grounds please bear in mind that water and electrical power do not go well together! A cable or plug should never lie in a puddle of water. 

The safest place during a storm at a festival out in the green is the car.
Extensive analysis on car efficiency have proven that mathematically there are sufficient seats for every festival guest in the cars on the festival grounds. Also for those who arrived using means of public transport. Please offer safehouse in your car to other festival visitors - new friendships guaranteed!

Please avoid forested fields and tress during a thunderstorm! Branches may break, fall down and cause serious injuries.

Please also avoid to stand in the immediate proximity of any erected structures (for example light towers, delay towers etc.). Even though we meet all safety regulations and all structures have been approved by the authorities we can not exclude risks 100%. 

Always close your tents and secure loose objects before you leave for the festival grounds - this way you are prepared. And please for your own safety rather sit in the car on time too often then not at all. 

Count the seconds between lightning and thunder. There is a rule of thumb: As soon as you hear thunder, the thunderstorm is approximately 10 km away. If you devide the number of seconds between lightning and thunder by 3, you get the number of kilometers to the center of the thunderstorm. If the time between lightning and thunder is 3 seconds (or less) you are in imminent danger! 

Please note the following:
• Avoid contact with all electrical conductors and structures.
• Go to your car immediately.

If you are outdoors and you have no way to find shelter:  
• Do not constitute the highest point on a field. Lightning always seeks the highest point in an open area.  
• Look for a basin and squat down with closed legs.
• Keep a distance to trees: Lightning often strikes into trees as they constitute the highest point on a field. As a general rule always keep a distance of at least 10 meters! 
• Stay clear of other people and keep a distance of at least 3 meters. Do not hold hands and keep your legs closed. 


medical emergency

Call 112 – (if you should not own a mobile phone please ask others to make the call or go to the next position of a security guard). 
In case of a medical emergency the medical services will be informed simultaniously. Please be prepared to answer the following questions: 

Emergency call 112: 6 x W = how does it work!
Where is the patient?
What has happened?
Who is injured?
What kind of injury?
Who is calling?
Wait for further enquries!

After that you can do a lot without a diploma in first aid!
1. Watch for you own safety: Watch for your own safety first before you assist others. If there is no danger for your own health start giving first aid. Calm the person down - stay with the person. Injured persons are generally very scared and need the assurance that help is on its way. 
2. Requst others to direct the staff of the medical service to your position. An ambulance or a paramedic is on the way to you. 
3. Erect a form of camouflage or blinds so the injured person does not feel observed by strangers. This is very important for many injured. 

If you should have basic knowledge you can accomplish a lot by following this  


Of course the police is present at a festival. A police station has been established on the festival grounds which is operated 24 hours a day. The police is there for you and they will take your reports: Mobile phone stolen? Make a report. Damage to property and/or assault and battery? Make a report. 
If you should need immediate help please always call diretly 110 (please note: you can not make a call anonymously. Abuse is a criminal act)  
Please do not hesitate to inform the authorities if you discover something strange even though you are not sure if this is actually an emergency. It is better to report something rather than not reporting at all. 

Did you know that a tent does not keep pilferers away? Every year thefts from tents are being reported often even when people are sleeping in them! Therefore: 
a) Bring along as little valuables as possible. 
b) Articles of value do not belong in a tent. Bring them to the official safe deposite boxes. 
c) According to statistics, the theft quote is the highest at the day of arrival and on the day of the opening of the festival at the early morning hours between 3 and 6 a.m.! Especially durning the euphoria of having arrived at the festival no one counts on pilferers. This is when they strike. 

It has happened that during concerts mobile phones and wallets have been stolen in the crowd. Same rule applies: lock the things away that you do not absolutely need or do not bring them to the festival in the first place. Even if the show is outstanding watch for your valuables and especially for persons that stand in the crowd but do not watch the music. 

Mobile phones are often found again. Therefore please report any theft to the police. Even if you only "lost" your phone. Lost property can be handed over at the Info Point and will be stored there. Make sure you check with the Info Point in case you have lost something. After the festival, the community will take on custody of the lost property. On the festival website you will find directions on how to contact the community. 


Please note the following:
1) Please only use approved gas cartridges (otherwise you risk being injured) 
2) No open fire!
3) Make sure your grill is completely extinct before you leave for the concerts.
4) Do not throw away cigarettes carelessly

In case of fire you need to act quickly. 

The longer a fire burns the harder it is to extinguish. Therefore also here: Call 112 first! 

The staff member will direct your call to the fire brigade on the festival grounds. Please prepare to answer the follwoing questions:

Emergency call 112: 6 x W = how does it work!
Where is the patient?
What has happened?
Who is injured?
What kind of injury?
Who is calling?
Wait for further enquries!

After that you can take action yourself: 
Please watch for your own safety: Please watch for your own safety before you assist others. Do neither underestimate a fire nor it´s smoke emission.  If you are sure there is no hazard then prepare for first aid.  
1. Carry injured or endangered persons to a safe place
2. Calming down - taking care. Injured persons are generally very scared and need the assurance that help is on its way.
3. Requst others to direct the staff of the medical service to your position. An ambulance or a paramedic is on the way to you. 
4. Erect a form of camouflage or blinds so the injured person does not feel observed by strangers. This is very important for many injured. 

Please note: 80 % of fire victims die of suffocation from poisonous fire smoke. Therefore never underestimate fire smoke and always be on the look out for your own safety. 

Fire extinguisher

There are many fire extinguishers on the festival grounds. You will find them in every location of the stewards on the festival site, at bars and food stands, with motorized securites, at the shower camps and of course at every position of the emergency services.  If you need to use a fire extinguisher please follow the instructions printed on the unit. Generally it works like this: 


The safest place at a festival out in the green is the car. Inside your car you are protected from most hazards. 

In the unforeseen case of evacuation you will find various emergency exits on the festival grounds. They are marked on the festival plans.  

The (emergency) exits can be recongized by the generally accepted emergency exit symbols that may, due to the size of the festival, be larger or mounted higher. This is how our banner look like: 

There are numerous emergency exits next to the regular entrances and exits which will be opened immediately in case of emergency. Please make sure you always know where they are. The regular exit might be too far away. 

Did you know that most people run to where the came in even though the distance is much bigger? Make it better: In case of emergency take the closest exit to your position!

If you are requested to exit the festival grounds through the exits and emergency exits please do this calmly and speedy. The more exits are being used the faster the festival grounds are evacuated – it’s that simple! And yes - assist those who need help - not every festival visitor is able to do it on his/her own. 
Please follow the directions of the guards. They have been trained and know what to do. They are on the look out and grant your safety. 

How is an evacuation communicated?
An evacuation is mainly communicated through our video screens and the sound system of the stages. A speaker will explain the situation to you and will ask you to calmly leave the festival grounds and go to your cars. Assist one another and offer safehouse to those who did not travel to the festival using their own car. 

Directions through electronic means:

Festival APP
Here you will be informed by short messages and we will keep you updated on the latest developments. 

Here you will always find the latest information, for example if the German weather service has issued an alarm notice for our area. Alarm notices are being communicated already during festival operation so you will be informed timely and can get prepared in case of a thunderstrom approaching for example.

We are safe(-ty)

We can not be everywhere at any time. Therefore we ask you for your participation to make the festival safe. 

Our promise: We supply numerous information (also or especially in critical situations) that will help you understand the situation and act in the right way. How?
• Through the sound system next to the stages
• Electronically via app, facebook and homepage
• Through our staff, especially those on site.

WO geht's nach panama?

Finde Schutz in Panama!

o Du hast etwas Merkwürdiges beobachtet?
o Du fühlst Dich unwohl, bedrängt oder belästigt?
o Du wurdest angegriffen?

Dann frag bei den folgenden Personen:  Wo geht's nach Panama?

o Barpersonal
o Security-Mitarbeiter
o Festivaljobber
o Polizei
o Sanitäter
o Und alle anderen Mitarbeiter mit einem grün-roten Armband mit dem Schriftzug Panama

Die Festivalmitarbeiter werden ohne weitere Rückfragen oder Kommentare Ihre Hilfe anbieten und den oder die Hilfesuchende(n) in eine geschützte Umgebung bringen.

Drohnen und sonstige ferngesteuerte Flugmodelle

Der Betrieb von unbemannten Luftfahrtsystemen (Drohnen und sonstige ferngesteuerte Flugmodelle) ist auf dem gesamten Festivalgelände grundsätzlich verboten, um im Interesse der Verkehrssicherungspflicht Gefahren für Besucher und Mitarbeiter abzuwenden. Das Verbot bezieht sich auf alle unbemannten Luftfahrtsysteme und Flugmodelle, ungeachtet deren Größe, Gewicht oder Versicherungsschutz. Diese Regel basiert auf gesetzlichen Vorschriften, die Flüge mit unbenannten Luftfahrtsystemen über Menschenansammlungen generell verbieten. Das Festival zählt jährlich mehrere tausend Besucher. Daher gilt das gesamte Festivalgelände (inkl. Camping- und Parkflächen) grundsätzlich immer als Ort mit Menschenansammlungen.

Eine Ausnahme von diesem Verbot ist nur für die Sicherheitsbehörden selbst sowie für den Veranstalter in Absprache mit den zuständigen Behörden möglich, wenn der Betrieb entsprechender Luftfahrtsysteme aus Sicherheits- und / oder Marketinggründen durchgeführt wird.


What does the A Summer 's Tale ticket cost? What is included with it?

The ticket price will vary depending on how long you want to stay, if and in what sort of accommodation you would like to stay, how you will be traveling to the festival, and how many people are coming along.

You can expect four days with a busy event schedule, a high quality gastronomical variety, and a well-organized festival site with enough and adequate relaxing areas. In addition, most workshops, tours, and courses are included in the price. In rare cases, an extra fee for material costs will be charged.

Where do I get tickets?

Tickets will available soon HERE or via the ticket hotline.

How do I get there?

From Lueneburg train station, you can take a free shuttle bus, which brings you to the festival site in Luhmühlen.

Directions for cars will be posted on this website soon.

Is there drinking water?

On the festival site you can get drinking water from specific sites with water taps.

Where can I go shopping or re-supply?

Our festival market provides you with a good selection of food, beverages and merchandise for everyday needs. Other shops can be accessed in Salzhausen.

Can I bring my pet?

No pets are allowed at the festival. 

What can I take to the campsite and the festival area?

An overview of our rules on luggage can be found in the info section!

I want to participate in a workshop / tour, etc. Can I do that just like that?

In most cases, no registration is required, but there are some exceptions with limited spaces available. These workshops are highlighted in our program overview with a corresponding note. Please be fair and register only for workshops or tours in which you want to really participate.

Where and when can I find a timetable and site plan?

We will make the timetable and site plan available to you once we have finalized our plans - expected in early July.

Do you have further questions? Send us an e-mail!

Bitte beweisen Sie, dass Sie kein Roboter sind.


Alpine Hearing Protection – Sei gut zu Deinen Ohren!
Mit dem Alpine Gehörschutz hast du mehr Freude an den Dingen, die du gerne machst, wie z.B. beim A Summer’s Tale live Deine Lieblingsmusik zu hören. Als führende Marke mit 25 Jahren Erfahrung im Bereich von hochwertigem Gehörschutz haben wir spezielle Filterohrstöpsel entwickelt, die das Musikerlebnis optimal erhalten. Alpine PartyPlug-Ohrstöpsel verfügen über spezielle Musikfilter, mit denen Du die Musik und Gespräche noch perfekt hören kannst, während Du Dein Gehör schützt. Dank der speziellen Passform und des weichen Materials sind sie äußerst bequem und können im Gegensatz zu Schaumstoffstöpsel (zum Einmalgebrauch) über 100 Mal verwendet werden. Sei gut zu Deinen Ohren! 

Alle Infos findest Du in unserem Onlineshop unter 


Kein anderer Cocktail versprüht so viel italienische Lebensfreude wie der Klassiker Aperol Spritz – und das nun schon seit einem Jahrhundert! Mit seiner einzigartigen, fruchtig-herben Rezeptur und dem ikonischen Orange begeistert Aperol seit 1919 Jung wie Alt und sorgt mit der einfachsten Cocktailformel der Welt für den perfekten Cheers-Moment!
Passend zu dem runden Geburtstag wird der beliebte Bitter-Aperitif mobil und sorgt mit seiner Aperol Summer Tour für spritzigen Gesprächsstoff 2019: Dazu schickt die Kultmarke ab Ende April eigens gefertigte Bar-Trucks in ausgewählte Städte, um mit ganz viel Spritz die bewährte, italienisch-leichte Lebensfreude zu verbreiten. Dazu fährt Aperol 200 verschiedene Events, Festivals und Straßenfeste in Deutschland an und lädt bei einem entspannten Get-Together dazu ein, in die orangefarbene Welt des Klassikers abzutauchen.


Deezer - Von Musikfans für Musikfans

Du liebst Musik. Deezer liebt Musik. Das passt also perfekt zusammen. Auch fürs A Summer's Tale ist Deezer der perfekte Begleiter. Hör alle Acts des Festivals in der offiziellen A Summer's Tale-Playlist und entdecke neue Künstler. Basierend auf Deinen Favoriten auf Deezer empfehlen wir Dir beim A Summer's Tale spielende Live-Acts, die Dir gefallen werden. Neugierig auf eine Dir unbekannte Band? Was war nochmal der größte Hit der Headliner? Hör die Top-Songs aller Bands in der Festival-App oder durchstöbere ganze Alben und Diskografien auf Deezer.

Hör mit Deezer Musik, die Du liebst, ganz egal wann oder wo.

Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen, Marktführer für Trinkbehälter aus Edelstahl, freut sich in diesem Jahr als Partner des ‚A Summer‘s Tale‘ (AST) in Westergellersen erstmals die Festivalwelt zu erobern. 
Mit den fröhlichen Farben und auslaufsicheren Designs sind die hochwertigen Edelstahlflaschen von Klean Kanteen nicht nur ein echter Hingucker, sie gehören auch ins Gepäck jedes umweltbewussten Festivalgängers. Denn die Becher und Trinkflaschen, die es in vielen verschiedenen Größen und Varianten gibt, sind deutlich langlebiger und robuster als Kunststoffbehälter. 
Überzeugt Euch selbst – am Klean Kanteen Stand auf dem Gelände des Festivals werden einige Produkte des Sortiments erhältlich sein – darunter auch die limited Edition der Classic Flasche mit zwei verschiedenen ‚A Summer’s Tale‘ Motiven.
Weitere Informationen sind auch unter folgendem Link zu finden:

Dr. Hauschka experience

Dr. Hauschka lädt ein, in einem ausgebauten, recycelten Airstream aus den 70er Jahren, die Naturkosmetik-Welt kennen zu lernen und die Produkte zu erleben. An diesem Wohlfühlort kann zwischen verschiedenen Erlebnissen gewählt werden. Dr. Hauschka Kosmetikerinnen bieten Handstreichungen, Fresh-ups oder individuelle Beratungen und kurze Make-ups an.
In Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik stecken Heilpflanzen, beste Natursubstanzen und die Ergebnisse wissenschaftlicher Forschung. Als 100 % echte Naturkosmetik sind die Produkte nach dem NATRUE-Standard zertifiziert, Synthetische Duft-, Farb- und Konservierungsstoffe? Silikone, PEG und Mineralöle? Kommen nicht in die Tube.


sieht nach festival aus. mit vielviel koffein und trinkkultur für echte kenner sorgt fritz-kola für unvergessliche, schlaflose nächte. hauptsache wach.


LAMY freut sich, in diesem Jahr erstmals Festival-Luft zu schnuppern. Am LAMY Cube könnt ihr selbst kreativ werden und zum Beispiel Eure Nachricht an die Welt fotografisch festhalten oder ein (temporäres) Tattoo erstellen. Außerdem werden spannende Workshops angeboten, in denen unter fachlicher Leitung die Themen Lettering oder Bullet Journal praktisch ausprobiert werden können. Die Marke LAMY steht weltweit für hochwertige Design-Schreibgeräte. LAMY erfindet sich kontinuierlich neu und beweist, dass ein Schreibgerät mehr ist als ein Gebrauchsgegenstand ist: ein echtes Lifestyle-Accessoire, das der Freude am Schreiben von Hand Ausdruck verleiht und die Individualität seines Besitzers unterstreicht.

Spielspaß für alle!

Wer kennt ihn nicht? Super Mario! Der beliebte Videospiel-Charakter und seit den 1980er-Jahren Held vieler Kinder besucht A Summer’s Tale. Mit Super Mario Maker 2 für Nintendo Switch können Eltern schöne Erinnerungen wiederaufleben lassen und zusammen mit ihren Kindern neue schaffen. Und es wartet noch mehr gemeinsames Spielvergnügen auf euch: das Rennspiel Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, der Minispiel-Spaß Super Mario Party und das turbulente Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Aber damit nicht genug: Nehmt am Gewinnspiel teil, bei dem es ein Nintendo Switch Paket zu gewinnen gibt. 
Spiel, Spaß und Spannung erwarten Euch im roten VW Bulli!

Rindchen's Weinkontor

Mit einem Portfolio von über 800 Weinen von mehr als 250 nationalen und internationalen Winzern gehört Rindchen’s Weinkontor zu den führenden Weinanbietern in Deutschland. Die besondere Stärke liegt in der Einkaufsexpertise: So wird dem Kunden die Entdeckung oft noch unbekannter Weine jenseits des Mainstreams zu höchst attraktiven Preisen ermöglicht. Unter ist die ganze Vielfalt zu entdecken. 

a-summers-tale asummerstale